About Us


Over the last several decades, an epidemic of “lifestyle diseases” has developed on a global level “Unhealthy lifestyles, such as inactivity, poor nutrition, and tobacco use are driving up the prevalence of the chronic disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, back and joint pain and chronic pulmonary conditions, These diseases usually emerge in middle age after long exposure to an unhealthy lifestyle  ". People are sticking with chairs, computers, and mobiles, in addition to spending a long time sitting on other activities socializing, cafes, etc. According to Actness Model, although the disease process and the aging process may run concurrently, they are not the same thing. We can get sick and even die from many diseases common to old age, but we don't have to get old to have such diseases.  And if we maintain an optimal level of wellness, we should be able to get older without automatically and inescapably being condemned to the pain, discomfort, and disabilities associated with many disease states. It is about being active and living a balanced life to keep our cognitive and body state in a good situation. Modern science has developed several drugs for treating chronic diseases, most of these drugs are enormously expensive( high insurance costs) and are associated with serious side effects and morbidity.

We have faith in creating and prompting employee well-being and positive wellness change by sharing our experiences and knowledge with various business sector decision-makers. We are able to support employers with wellness strategies, appropriate plans, and programs that are personalized to their company culture. We provide education, training, and consulting services to all companies as we are experts in exercise science, wellness, and have good eyes to observe mistakes and correct them.

We create a corporate wellness plan specifically designed for your company. Our four steps approach ensures personalization for better engagement and success. No off-the-shelf solution here.

Situational Analysis:   We support high-level management to

 assess their work environment design, employee's health risks,

norms, stress factors, wellness policies.                                      


Planning:  We create a customized, progressive wellness plan

to drive real engagement among employees.

 Actions:   We implement the wellness program, tools, apps

starting by increasing knowledge and education according to the plans  

Realize and Evaluation: Tracking success and making adjustments are

key to a successful corporate well-being program.  


Communication throughout the whole process: consultant, engagement,

and results analysis over the life of your program, help to make adjustments

if needed to get the best outcomes from the program.

 Our solutions extend the wellness education, Wellness Workshop, wellness coaching, workplace environment consulting, and workplace assessment, we provide an "online exercise platform" a new “bit” size approach that integrates stretch, yoga, and mindfulness micro-breaks throughout the day to combat fatigue, increase alertness and boost energy. Exercise bit is committed to changing the way people think about health – by making it easy for people to “fit” wellness into their busy days – one bit at a time. Our micro-breaks aims are to:

  • Re-charge the body and mind

  • Deliver immediate energy by planned physical activity

  • Keep people productive and alert of their body positioning and orientation

Exercise bit easy-to-follow, sweat-free fitness breaks can stand-alone or be part of ready conference or company wellness programs. We will work with you to help deliver content and create a wellness and fitness culture that fits into your workplace, workshops, conferences, industries, schools, and universities.