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About Us

We are passionate about training and coaching. Since Actness Training began back in 2016, we have always had the same goal - to deliver high-quality training that is affordable, practical, and consistently relevant to the needs of all businesses. Simply put, we want to equip you with the knowledge and skills to enable you and your organization to excel.

How can we help?

Actness provides custom corporate training solutions, consulting, events organizers and. We are able to support employers with training and wellness strategies, appropriate plans, and programs that are personalized to your corporate culture.

We also support your team with a workplace video exercise platform to help keep your people fit, focused, and productive.

Why Actness?

We support organizations to develop successful, productive, efficient, and resilient businesses.

We are passionate about people

Being human runs through all we do, how we learn, connect, and engage, how we communicate, and how we create a sense of belonging and inclusion. We are passionate about creating the best environment for learning.


Our training is designed for employees to

be well.... learn well....and lead well.


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