Activity Management- Wellness Garage


Wellness Garage-One Day event

The idea of hosting one day wellness activities will inspire, educate, and engage employees. This type of event will give your employees a much-needed break–and it’s a great way for seasonal beginning. Hosting the event during a work day will increase both participation and enthusiasm. We arrange your event during normal office hours at your company location.

We plan and manage your event from biometric screenings to workshop, lectures and surveys. We have many suggestions and best practices for making the event run effectively and successfully.

Wellness activities implementation for cultural change

Our goal is to create a successful approach to implement the change in workplace, we have a bundle of services that live exercise trainer.

  • Personal trainer support.

  • Planning events that focus on physical activity

  • Establish a walking club for walking together.

  • Design for exercise Facilities if possible.

  • Create a subsidy to assist employees with recreation or sports costs.

  • Train workers to lead active breaks or use email to post reminders for office workers.

  • Raising awareness increases employees’ level of knowledge and interest. 


Provide significant online exercise videos:

  1. Brief On-call video exercises

  2. Improves concentration

  3. Sweat-free exercises

  4. Combats fatigue and enhances alertness

  5. An amazing shift in energy levels and attitudes

  6. Energizes mind and body


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