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Consultancy Assessments

We use people science, experience, technology, and data to evolve the culture of your organization to bring about higher levels of engagement, happiness, and productivity, as well as provide you insights into your future talent.​


What we do:

  • Holistic Wellness assessment with evaluation reports.  

  • Work-life balance assessment 

  • Wellness plan and strategies.

  • Ergonomic assessment.

Ergonomic solutions

Implementing the principles of human factors engineering to enhance employee performance, prevent injuries, provide safety, and reduce absenteeism and time waste. It generates a return on investment ROI and boosts productivity

Ergonomics has other benefits

  • Improved quality of work

  • Improved quality of life

  • Reduced fatigue and discomfort

Poorly designed workstations, bad work habits, and prolonged sitting can all have serious adverse health effects. Employees are spending a long time in sedentary work at a desk most of the day, office ergonomics has taken on new levels of importance.

We conduct assessments for your workplace, then we customize specialized training that matches your company's needs.

Contact us for further information and an appointment.

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