The fight against aging

The wellness industry promising future to reduce chronic diseases

There is no doubt that there is a global demand in the wellness industry. The global wellness institute (GWI) showed in their last research 2017 that the 4.2 trillion dollars worldwide industry grown by 12.8 percent from 2015. It is representing 5.3% of world economic output. The increase of wellness practices should target the symptoms of chronic diseases (non-communicable diseases)which accelerated the process of early aging.

I will share ten categories of wellness industry that were added to the study:

Here I would like to focus on my analysis from the available information on linked categories. The personal care and beauty the highest paid by the human in general, which accounts for almost a quarter of what the world spends. The personal care is defined as Make· Personal care and beauty: $1.082 trillion

  • Healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss: $702.1 billion

  • Wellness tourism: $639.4 billion,

  • Fitness / mind-body: $595.4 billion,

  • Preventive and personalized medicine and public health: $574.8 billion

  • Traditional and complementary medicine: $359.7 billion

  • Wellness real estate: $134.3 billion

  • Spa economy: $118.8 billion

  • Thermal/mineral springs: $56.2 billion

  • Workplace wellness: $47.5 billion & Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Hair Care.

The demand for the beauty and personal care products market is expected to increase owing to the rising aging population and growing consciousness to maintain youthful skin and a good appearance, the growing demand of this industry passed the females to reach the males as well. Looking at the largest category it is not significant to reduce non-communicable diseases that affect aging. While healthy nutrition and weight loss are growing between all people ages with body shape, fitness dimensions, and complementary medicine trends. Many market influencers offer a bundle of services combining healthy nutrition with fitness. These wellness categories encouraging health and wellness to maintain a strong healthy body in addition to plenty of huge researches and practices that are involved in healthy lifestyle habits.

Wellness tourism is now offered and combined with wellness activities trends mind and body, hiking, wellness spas, and GYMs.

But given the high costs of healthcare-associated with developed countries associated with non-communicable diseases (chronic diseases), we see that the large sums spent on this industry do not come to the desired results until now.

The media contribution and public health are increasing the awareness of healthy habits at people's lifestyles to every age group segment. It might lead to a positive and promising future that can reduce the rise of hectic chronic diseases worldwide and decrease medication costs.

Mawaheb Homsi


Master Professional Wellness Coach

Actness CEO

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