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The emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a serious and widespread consequence in society

In order to face its spread, some countries suspended study in schools, universities, and various educational institutes, as well as the authorities, closed public places, cafes, and other gathering places, for a period of two weeks. Many companies, large and small, have imposed a home-based work policy to ensure the safety of their employees from infection.

Although the option of working from home in such emergency situations is a safe solution for all workers in the public and private sectors, there are some tips that must be followed so that remote work does not affect his efficiency, according to the Bold Sky site on health, as follows:

1- Make sure to charge your phone and your laptop in anticipation of power outages in your home at any time, and be sure to charge your phone and your laptop so that your work is not affected.

2-Creating a suitable place to work: The bed or sofa is not considered suitable places to work, as soon as you sit on the laptop on either of them you will feel sleepy immediately and you will not be able to accomplish your tasks actively, so it is advised to create a special side in the house and consider it a place to work only, preferably a small office or a height table Convenient to work on. You can also equip it with simple décor to give you positive energy to work energetically and energetically.

3- Act like you are in the office: If you think you can work well with pajamas, you are wrong, because you will not be able to focus on your work and you will feel bored easily, so you have to exercise your daily routine as if you are going to the office starting with showering and then dressing and eating breakfast as usual and then sitting to work in your corner The private.

4- Take a short break: It does not mean that you work from home that you do not need a short break during working hours. You can of course enjoy a Break for a drink or something to eat, but stick to this rest from 15 to 20 minutes and then return to work again.

5- Agreement with your home partners: If you have been working from home for a long time, you must tell your parents, your wife, your children, or your housing partners that you need to calm down to get your work done effectively.

6- Connect with your colleagues at work: Before making the decision to work from home, you should coordinate with your colleagues at work on ways to communicate between you, whether through communication applications such as WhatsApp or through voice chat by voice and image through Skype or Google applications and so on, this is very important because it facilitates The team must complete its tasks successfully.

7- Organizing online meetings: When you need to hold a meeting, you can schedule and organize meetings via the Internet applications that provide this feature.

8- Share your goals and work reports with your team: It is very important that you share your goals and your work reports with your colleagues so that everyone is kept informed of the progress of matters, and this can be done through E-mail.

9-Commitment to work ethics: You must consider work ethics even if you are in your home, for example, if you are scheduling a meeting date, you must make sure that it suits everyone first, and if you communicate with someone through chat or video call, make sure that the time is right to speak. Moreover, if you are attending a meeting through internet platforms, avoid showing in home clothes.

10- Motivating your team members: Given that the spread of the Coronavirus causes frustration for everyone, you must keep your spirits high, while motivating your team members to do their best, while avoiding giving negative comments to your colleagues or your subordinates because of their mistakes, and it is advised to keep your temper for your safety And the safety of your team at work.

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