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Keeping Ramadan Balance at the time of Covid Restrictions

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Ramadan is the month of breaking the overall annual routine. Fasting and spirituality are among the variables of the month. The demand for certain types of food increases on iftar, people enjoy their daily meals.

This Ramadan people seek to restore balance in life and rearrange priorities due to Fridays' lookdown and daily early time restriction.

Ramadan is an opportunity to D-stress, we need to prioritize our daily responsibilities to maintain the required balance. The balance required to manage stress and fatigue. How to manage all life duties and keep a healthy lifestyle(sleep, food, activity, daily responsibilities, work, family) during a short open-to-move day.

Family requirements are among the priorities of life. No doubt distributing tasks among family members such as purchases, visits, childcare, and home responsibilities, in general, helps to maintain the required balance and enjoy Ramadan.

Spiritual daily ritual prayers (Taraweeh) are a good opportunity to relieve stress and give the feeling of the power of love, giving, sharing, show compassion, generosity, and mercy to others, exercise patience, and control your stress.

Try to work on your hobbies in Ramadan, so at night in your home, you can spend an enjoyable positive time with family members, or do your own hobbies alone. Try, as you can, to stay away from the negative news that disturbs your day from social media and other resources.

To balance Ramadan improve morale and character by healthy lifestyle practices and habits.

Mawaheb Homsi

Actness Founder

Wellness Consultant

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